True North Taxidermy

I will be posting no images that show graphic body parts or incisions. I will be posting my own drawings for these processes.

I am a neophyte taxidermist and artist. Learning my trade with no instruction or teacher. If I make mistakes, I’ll learn from them. Come along for my story as I show you my trip through my novice blog. Most images will be 18+, please no children. All deceased animals are environmentally and humanely sourced. Thanks for watching.


Apart from learning taxidermy, I also spend time on my art ‘career’, not that I earn much money from it! I am an oil painter, focusing mainly on native Australian flowers and the karri forests where I live.


Here is an example of a watercolour I did earlier this year.


This is a sweet ‘universe’ ceramic I did last year.

The main focus of this blog will be my path becoming a taxidermist. I will keep my art separate in other posts. This will be updated regularly, for those who are interested. I also enjoy sharing images of works in progress and exploring my techniques.


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