True North’s other life

I am a neophyte taxidermist, that is the basis of this blog. Learning my trade with no instruction or teacher. If I make mistakes, I’ll learn from them. Come along for my story as I show you my trip through my novice path. Most images will be 18+, please no children. All deceased animals are environmentally and humanely sourced.

This post will be about what I get up to when I’m not doing taxidermy or out earning a living. Before taxidermy I had a background focused on the arts. In my past a long, long time ago I was an Art Teacher. Since then I have focused on my own art career and exhibitions.


This is me with some porcelain bowls I made this year.


Sorry about the image, I’ll get a better one. One of my semi-abstract flower paintings. Oil on canvas. Lots of gold in my oil paintings.


A cyanotype is a very early form of photography. Cyanotype is a liquid that is light sensitive. When you paint it on paper it has no colour, when you put it out into the sunlight for around a minute, it turns a beautiful blue. If you place objects onto the paper, while its in the sun, you get a direct negative image where the light didn’t hit the paper. Here I used Australian native flora.

Here’s another one I did with roses.


I also dapple in ink and watercolours.


Here’s an etching


I am also a believer in #foodisfree concept. Here is a picture of my veggie patch, it’s much bigger now.


I also take minature toy photos. You can see them on instagram  on @annenorthartist .




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